Ethics and experimentation in public art interventions
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Ethics and experimentation in public art interventions

Lisa Erdman discusses ethical concerns within artistic practice of experimental, performative art interventions within the context of artistic research. The author considers what can be learned through ethical concerns that may arise alongside artistic decisions in the creative process.

The InSEA World Congress at UBC in Vancouver, Canada in July 2019 offers art educators an opportunity to theorize and practice ‘making’ in art education. Through a diverse array of sessions, workshops and field experiences, delegates will be able to reimagine and reflect upon ‘making’ in art education.

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Artist Talk with Lisa Erdman
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Artist Talk with Lisa Erdman

Lisa Erdman’s doctoral thesis Performing false hope, examines the dialogical outcomes and ethical issues that emerged from Finnexia®, the primary artistic production in Erdman’s artistic research. Finnexia was presented as a three-day performance intervention in the Helsinki Railway Station in 2012. The performance consisted of a multimedia advertisement campaign for a fictitious medication that helps people learn the Finnish language:

The intention of the Finnexia performance was to generate a public space for dialogue about foreigners and their experiences of learning the Finnish language. As a secondary goal, Finnexia aimed to present a satirical critique of overmedicalization and the common trust in the medical industry. Erdman’s doctoral thesis problematizes the approach of framing public performance art as fictitious, satirical pharmaceutical advertising. It describes and analyzes the unexpected emotional, ethical, and legal issues that arose from the response of audience members, performers, and governmental organisations.

Lisa Erdman (US) is an artist and educator, who is interested in examining the mechanisms that shape personal identity and one’s relationship to pharmaceuticals and medical authority. Her work borrows from traditions of conceptual art, speculative design, science fiction, and absurdist performative strategies. Erdman’s dissertation was approved in the department of art education at the Aalto University School of Arts, Design, and Architecture in May 2019.

The Artist Talk is produced in collaboration with University of Arts CERADA and the Arts Promotion Centre Development Program for Artistic Expertise and Intermediation. The event is hosted by Krista Petäjäjärvi (TAIKE) and Satu-Mari Jansson (CERADA). The event will be documented.

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Public doctoral defence at Aalto University

On April 26th, 2019, Lisa Erdman will defend her doctoral thesis entitled, Performing false hope: Ethical outcomes of fictitious pharmaceutical advertising as a public art intervention. The dissertation explores the unexpected ethical and emotional outcomes that emerged from the presentation of Finnexia®, a performance intervention that served as the art production component of the doctoral research. Finnexia consisted of an advertisement campaign for a (fictitious) medication that helps people learn the Finnish language. In 2012, the project was presented as a live performance in the Helsinki Railway Station. Finnexia aimed to create a space for public dialogue about the experience of the foreigner in Finland. On a secondary level, the project presented a satirical commentary on the proliferation of pill-based medical treatments.

The time and location detials of the public defence will be announced by mid-March.

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